Our range of controlled atmosphere environmental chambers

Discover our range of mobile phytotrons.

Are you looking for a high-performance, customised environmental chamber? The Innovea® range is made for you!

Do you need a germination, vernalization, production and/or testing chamber? The Innovea® range is here for you. Each climatic chamber allows you to control and modulate numerous parameters, in terms of temperature, hygrometry management and lighting.

This range is perfectly adapted for in vitro culture, arabidopsis cultures, and all other plant species as well as insects and molluscs breeding. It can also be used for any other need to control climatic parameters in an industrial process or for quality control.

In an ecological and energy-efficient way, our lighted enclosures are equipped with LEDs as standard, which can be controlled. It is also possible to have an enclosure without lighting.

The Innolea® range is available for purchase and long-term rental. Short-term rental is also possible (depending on availability).

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Innovea® S400

Innovea® S400 climate chamber

Our smallest and most economical enclosure, which combines performance and compactness.

The Innovea® S400 can integrate up to 20 culture stages (especially for in vitro culture). With efficient vertical lighting, placed outside the chamber behind glass, temperature control in the chamber is simplified. Different temperature and humidity ranges options are possible to be adapted to the needs. The programming of the chambers is very scalable by using the proposed variants.

Innovea® M800

Innovea® M800 Climatic Chamber

This is our Medium cabinet.

Thanks to its integrated digital touch controller, the Innovea® M800 allows you to control numerous climatic parameters such as temperature, hygrometry, and/or lighting. Its culture levels, up to 20, are adjustable in height.

With its efficient vertical LED lighting, separated by a glass panel, and combined with vertical ventilation, temperature control is simple and homogeneous.

Innovea® L+

Innovea® L+ climate chamber

Available in three different sizes, the Innovea® L+ is our largest model.

The LED lighting is arranged horizontally in order to maximise light homogeneity. The climatic homogeneity is done by a system of efficient horizontal air flows.

Available with up to 5 growing levels, the 3 L+ sizes have a large growing or testing range. Their digital touch controller allows easy management of numerous temperatures, humidity and lighting parameters.


  • Minimum maintenance
  • Systematic 24-hour factory tests
  • A choice of long-lasting materials (stainless steel and PVC interior)
  • Materials compatible with plants and insects breeding


  • Less than 2.0m high and wheels for easy set up
  • Wide temperature and humidity ranges
  • LED lighting as standard, with several spectrums available including horticultural spectrum
  • Dimmable lighting or controlled by light intensity level


Each model is perfectly suited for : In vitro cultivation, germination, growth, cannabis cultivation (in authorised countries), pathological tests, insect breeding, mollusc breeding, etc.


Multiple functional options for interior and exterior design, lighting and programming available to suit your needs


For repeatable experiments and calibrated cultures, we guarantee

  • Optimised homogeneity in terms of temperature, hygrometry, circulation and air speed
  • And a very good lighting homogeneity between shelves

Innovea®, THE range of climate chambers with controlled atmosphere

Thanks to its versatility and modularity, our phytotrons can be adapted to many needs.

With its controlled atmosphere, tests and productions are carried out in the precise conditions you have defined.

Whether you are a laboratory, seeds producer, grower, nurseryman or private individual, Innovea® will meet your expectations.

These climatic chambers are available for hire and for sale.

A range of quality environmental chambers

The interior of our phytotrons is entirely made of stainless steel and the shelves are made of stainless steel and/or PVC to ensure a very good durability and their harmlessness towards living organisms.

The performance of each culture chamber is tested in the workshop for 24 hours under the customer’s conditions.

Our technical teams will assist you in setting the parameters of the regulation. On request, our technicians will come to help you to install the cabinet.

Telephone assistance is available during working hours for any questions or incident management. Our technicians will also come to your site in case of major operating problems.


Useful volume per range:

  • Innovea S400: 432 l
  • Innovea M800: 782 l
  • Innovea L 1000: 1038 l
  • Innovea L1300: 1337 l
  • Innovea L 1500: 1521 l

Height: less than or equal to 2.00m

PERFORMANCE (depending on the options and the type of climatic enclosures selected)

  • Growing area: from 0.36m² to 7.2m².
  • Temperature range: -15°C to +60°C
  • Humidity: 40% to 95% RH
  • LED lighting as standard, dimmable function and horticultural spectrum
  • Manual or digital multi-program controller
  • Possibility to measure and control CO2 (or other gases)


Here is a collection of questions we are frequently asked. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to: contact@strader.fr

Is it adapted to my needs?

With its many options and modularity, our environmental chambers can be adapted to many productions and experimental situations.

Can I use it for cannabis growing?

The Innolea range is perfectly suited for this purpose as you can control the many cultivation parameters required for this demanding plant. The purchase of enclosures for this purpose is only possible in countries where cannabis production is a legalized activity.

What is the budget required?

Our phytotrons are custom made. Our wide range of products and options allow us to meet all types of budgets.

What are the connections required?

In case of hygrometric management, an osmosed water connection is necessary. As an option, it is possible to integrate a jerrycan to be filled on demand to supply the system.

For electricity, a standard 16A power socket is sufficient.

A waste water/condensate drain is also required.

Can your enclosures fit under the doors?

The maximum height of the climate chambers is slightly less than 2.00 m, which means that they can be moved under standard door frames. They are also equipped with casters, making them easy to handle and move around.

What parameters can I control?

Thanks to the regulation, it is possible to modulate many parameters of our Innovea climatic chambers: temperature, hygrometry, light intensity, air flow…

Can I vary the lighting?

From the controller, and depending on the options and model chosen, it is possible to modulate the lighting intensity either by switching off some lamps or by using the dimmable function. The light spectrum, chosen as variable spectrum, can also be changed with an independent controller.

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