Controlling and Supervision Systems


At the end of the 1980s, STRADER designed and manufactured the first PLCs dedicated to controlling and managing plant climatic environment at all stages of its development and in all the patterns faced by experts.

Subsequently, STRADER has transferred its Phytronic® algorithms to PLCs equipped with recent technologies and integrating the most commonly used communication protocols (IP, Backnet / IP, Modbus / IP, …) that can directly interface with existing systems (PLCs, CTM / BMS, …).

STRADER supervision systems are adapted to customer’s needs, depending on the number of units to be controlled. According to the request, they can be composed of functions of traceability, remote data consultation, alarm transmission by different vectors, security and management of different user profiles with rights of access, …

Our know-how enables us to also operate in the upgrade / replacement of existing control processes.

Details :

  • Latest generation PLCs with touch screen option
  • Open and scalable system
  • Interface with all existing CTM systems, BMS
  • Communicating system: IP, Backnet / IP, Modbus / IP …
  • Custom software at each installation
  • Reading, writing and recording data
  • Importing, exporting recipes
  • Alarm management
  • Direct access via a Smartphone, a tablet, a PC connected to the same network