STRADER makes its products leaflets available. They concern their main products, fully adaptable to your needs

To download, our brochures on climatic chambers, grain dryers, walk in growth chambers, Mobil Green Cells

Climatic chamber

Download our product sheet to view the advantages of our mobile growth chambers, the parameters we can control and some illustrations of customized equipment.

~ PDF (2.0MB)

Grain dryer

To dehydrate grains to their equilibrium point, from a few kilograms to a few tons of seeds per cycle.


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Walk in growth chambers

Find here the product sheet of customized phytotrons: according to your dimensional constraints, parameters to control, ergonomic objectives and operating cost

~ PDF (2.1MB)

Mobil Green Cell®

An all-in-one product, composed of a fully configurable walk-in growth chamber and a technical room. Transportable anywhere in the world.

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STRADER supervision systems are adapted to customer’s needs, depending on the number of units to be controlled.

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