Innovea® M800

Modular, high-performance environmental chambers for your trials and crops!

Why using the Innovea® M800 culture chamber?

The Innovea® M800 has a large cultivation surface and a perfectly controlled atmosphere.

This phytotron allows you to perform repeatable experiments and calibrated cultures.

In Vitro culture, germination, growth, pathological tests, insect breeding, mollusc breeding… Innovea® M800 will perfectly adapt to your needs.

Physical Characteristics

Useful volume and external dimensions: Innovea® M800: 782 l (1240 x 860 x 1960)

From 5 to 20 culture shelves, 0.54m² per level

Vertical air flow

Vertical LEDs separated from the interior of the enclosure by a glass window

Temperature range (light off) : -5°C to +60°C

Hygrometry : 40 to 95%.

Programming: Digital multi-program controller

Electrical connection: 220-240 V 11A 50Hz


The Innovea® M800 climatic chamber allows to have many culture shelves, up to 20, that is to say 10.8m² of culture.

Its medium size allows it to be implanted in many spaces.

A wide range of parameters can be programmed via the digital multi-program controller. As an option, enthalpy curves can be recorded and later retrieved.

The M800 model is available with many functional options for interior and exterior design, lighting and programming.


Can I see my crops or trials from outside the enclosure?

An optional oculus allows you to easily look into the enclosure without opening the door.

How is the light intensity modulated?

The lighting can be modulated by turning off certain LEDs, or in the case of dimmable LEDs, by modulating the general light intensity.

What do I need to connect my Innovea® M800 speaker?

An electrical outlet (see dedicated question), a condensate drain and an osmosis water inlet in case of humidification management (osmosis water network or jerry can option to be filled with osmosis water).

Would you like to know more about our Innovea® M800 model?

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